Marie Forleo’s Secret to Quick Content Creation

How to make everything ‘Figureoutable’


How To Write Fast: 8 Secrets To Better, Quicker Content Creation

is a comprehensive video guide created by Marie Foleo, American entrepreneur and author of New York Times Bestsellers ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ and ‘Make Every Man Want You’. Her books on self-help and advice and her Online Business Courses led her to using a platform such as YouTube to fully market her theories. Through this video she tackles problems faced by many content creators working for newsletters and magazines. In the video she shares tips and tricks for us to create consistent and good content and some of them are being used by me as I write this piece.
Text Content is King appearing behind torn brown paper in crown drawing. Concept about the importance of Content in internet marketing.

The first tip shared referred to the angel and the devil on our shoulders. “Flip the Script” in our minds means telling ourselves the opposite of the problem we are facing. Instead of saying we are really slow at writing or that we can’t write interesting content, it is important to tell ourselves that we can accomplish any difficulty and achieve our goals. On the note of goals, we all know that we need to first have a goal before we can score and according to Marie Foleo, the same applies to content and creative writing. According to her it is important to “Begin with The End in Mind”, we must write content that leads to what we want the readers to take away from the work or the immediate action we want them to take after reading. For example if the point of your article is to create awareness with respect to the #Blacklivesmatter movement the article content should lead up to information related to the protests and to charities you can donate to. 

Everything begins with an idea and one never knows when we will come across one, hence Marie Foleo stated in her third tip that it is important to maintain a running list of ideas which we can use for our articles. A topic list is extremely important for regular content creation. A list of ideas must be maintained from whenever we read or hear of an article that we like or a question asked to us by someone. This will help us make interesting content according to the New York Times Bestseller. The fourth tip was to keep it short and sweet. “No one will refuse to read the article just because it’s short” is what she said and hence we must focus on quality and not quantity. Another important aspect along with an ample of ideas is a game plan. Plan out the topics and the date for when one wants to get it published and then work backwards from there. The video used a newsletter as an example where Marie recommended planning for the next three months to optimise work and time it perfectly. 

When it comes to optimising work, she also suggests editing after one writes. If you read a sentence and want to change it, do not delete it but write it side by side so you can be positive about you choice when you finalise it. Optimising means using the best of your time, just the way water takes up any vessel we keep it in, if too much time is allotted to writing a piece, procrastination comes into play and all that time will be utilised in pondering over the material. Instead she recommends following Parkinson’s rule who said “Work expands to the time allotted” hence set limits to material and time. 

Lastly Marie Foleo, taking a more philosophical route states that one is the vessel and not the source. It means preventing being pushed around at work and instead remember that you are not the source of the information by the vessel through which it passes. It means we should learn to take it easy and stop pressurising ourselves. Hence Marie Foleo not only talks about helping us write better but also advises us not to burn out, for once we do that we will stop loving and it all just becomes a task for us.

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